Q: Does one have to be Swiss-born to be eligible for Founding Membership in The Maurice Rohrbach Fund?
A: No. The majority of Founding Members are Americans who care about maintaining close ties between the Swiss and American people.
Q: Does The Maurice Rohrbach Fund have more than one class of membership?
A: Yes, the Maurice Rohrbach Fund has Founding Members, who are members for life. In addition, the Board of Directors of the New Helvetic Society, Pennsylvania Chapter, are voting members of The Maurice Rohrbach Fund.
Q: How many members does the Maurice Rohrbach Fund have?
A: The Maurice Rohrbach Fund currently has 19 Founding Members and New Helvetic Society Board members.
Q: How do I become a Founding Member of The Maurice Rohrbach Fund?
A: Founding Membership status requires a one-time charitable donation to The Maurice Rohrbach Fund in the amount of $250.