Q: Does one have to be Swiss-born to be eligible for Contributing Membership in The Maurice Rohrbach Fund?
A: No. The majority of Contributing Members are Americans who care about maintaining close ties between the Swiss and American people.
Q: Does The Maurice Rohrbach Fund have more than one class of membership?
A: Yes, the Maurice Rohrbach Fund has Founding Members, who are members for life and were involved in the Incorporation of the organization. Since the incorporation a new class, Contributing Membership, was established. In addition, the Council of the New Helvetic Society, Pennsylvania Chapter, are voting members of The Maurice Rohrbach Fund.
Q: How many members does the Maurice Rohrbach Fund have?
A: The Maurice Rohrbach Fund has 10 Founding Members, 12 Contributing Members and New Helvetic Society Council members.
Q: How do I become a Contributing Member of The Maurice Rohrbach Fund?
A: Contributing Membership status requires a one-time charitable donation to The Maurice Rohrbach Fund in the amount of $250.